Fasting Weeks

Fasting Weeks in Styria

Sensible fasting | The Alkaline Diet (Basenfasten) in Hotel Lebensfreude

Fast with awareness. Enjoy getting to know yourself. During your period of fasting, you will become more aware of your senses. Your sense of touch, of taste and of smell will be enhanced – you will experience everything more intensively. When you take a walk in the Salzkammergut countryside, your eyes and ears will perceive the colours, shapes and sounds of the landscape with greater clarity. Take some time out with yourself and with other like-minded fasters. Discover just how good life can feel.

Ideal for first-time fasters as well as experienced fasters.

Guided Activities

Walking, yoga, body training, relaxation techniques, meditation. Fasting themes – introduction to fasting theory and methods of fasting; introduction to whole foods nutrition; building post-fast nutrition plans; dealing with personal stres.

Optional additional treatments:
Aroma baths and aroma massages in accordance with your personal preferences

  • 6 nights in a comfortable room with balcony and mountain view
  • Relaxation area with panoramic views of the Grimming mountain, free use of the infra-red cabin, cosy bathrobe, hair dryer
  • Easy-listening music, books, newspapers and magazines in the library area, tea bar
  • Free WiFi, throughout the hotel
  • Free pick-up service from Bad Mitterndorf railway station
  • Ample car parking, some in car-ports
  • Barrier-free access to all areas from the lift, which operates between the seminar room in the basement to the relaxation area on the top floor
  • Our hotel is a bronze partner of the Grimmingtherme spa (5% discount on entrance fee and all activities and treatments)

Fasting methods:

  • Buchinger/Lützner fasting method
  • The Alkaline Diet (Basenfasten)
  • Fasting Leader: Ulrike Lackner | Primsleitenstraße 21, 3370 Ybbs/Donau, Austria | + 43 676 53 40 397 |
  • Ulrike Lackner is a qualified fasting leader and advisor in the fields of group training, management of stress and burn-out and occupational health

Fasting week begins: At 16:00 on the day of arrival
Fasting week ends: At 12:00 midday on the day of departure (check-out time)

Sun 19.3 to Sat 25.3 2017
Sat 13.5 to Fri 19.5 2017
Sat 23.9 to Fri 29.9 2017

Fasting by the Buchinger/Lützner method

Due to the state of his health, Dr Otto Buchinger I (1878 to 1966) developed his fasting method. This is a low-calorie liquid diet which provides the body with about 250Kcal per day though fruit  and vegetable juices and clear soups. It is, therefore, not a zero calorie diet. The low calorie intake does, however, stimulate the burning of body fat. Overall health is stimulated by a programme of exercise and wellness which supports the course of fasting and thereby prevents the loss of muscle mass.

Dr Helmut Lützner who wrote the best seller about fasting – “Wie neugeboren durch Fasten” (“Reborn through Fasting”) further developed the method as a prophylactic form of fasting with the aim of helping to prevent illness.

The Buchinger/Lützner method is, today, a form of fasting which can be undertaken by any person in good health.

 Fasting Weeks

Fasting Weeks

Fasting by the Buchinger/Lützner method: € 696.00 pp in a single room
The Alkaline Diet (Basenfasten): 769.00 pp in a single room

The Alkaline Diet (Basenfasten)

Developed by Dr Sabine Wacker, this is a gentle method of bringing the body back into balance.

It is based on giving up certain foodstuffs for a prescribed period of time.

‘Alkaline Diet’ means that food is prepared in such a way that the acid to alkali ratio in the body is balanced. Fruit and vegetable dishes are prepared with high quality vegetable fats and oils, and the diet ideally consists of 80% vegetable in proportion to 20% fruit.

 Fasting Weeks

Fasting Weeks

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