Relaxation zone

Wellness program

Deeply relaxed rather than tired

Reawaken your body awareness: our massage and aromatherapy treatments or a session in the infra-red cabin will help you become more aware of your body.

Select one of the options from our diverse range of treatments. Experience the soothing effects, breathe deeply and let yourself go.

  • Whole body aroma massage to help you relax
    Pamper your body with individually selected essential oils matched exactly to your needs. The combination of relaxing massage and pleasant perfumes is balsam for the soul.
    50 minutes € 60,-
  • Aroma bath
    Taking a bath with essential oils has a particularly positive effect on the mood and can be used to produce a number of different effects, depending on the blend of oils. The brain interprets the messages of the perfumes and from there, they influence our feelings, our nervous system, hormone production and immune system.
    25 minutes € 30,-
  • Back massage
    Tension in the muscles of the back is released, leading to greater flexibility of movement.
    25 minutes € 30,-
  • Shiatsu
    Shiatsu translates as “finger pressure” and is a form of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Each treatment is complemented by pleasant stretches and rotations. Please wear light cotton clothing when you come to your Shiatsu massage.
    50 minutes € 60,-

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